In today’s competitive job market and challenging economic climate, job seekers often place salary and work-life balance at the top of their list when evaluating prospective employers. However, it has become increasingly clear that individuals seek more. They desire opportunities for growth, a sense of connection and community, and the chance to find genuine meaning and purpose in their work.

To gain a better understanding around this, at Metro, we initiated a research report in November 2022 by conducting internal employee focus groups, made up of demographic cross-sections as well as exit interviews from the past 12 months. The resulting insights revealed our company’s pioneering approach, our fostering of trust, open communication, collaboration and cross-training opportunities. Our commitment helped create a work environment where, considering the overall employee experience, Metro would be a great place to work. An overwhelming 98% of responses were favourable, 4% above the average when compared with other medium-sized businesses.

Reflecting our own results, an Employer Brand Research 2022 survey by recruitment company Randstad found that the top five most important criteria in Australia are work-life balance (chosen by 62% of respondents), attractive salary and benefits (58%), job security (56%), good training (53%), and a pleasant work atmosphere (51%). Additionally, Metro employees place emphasis on justice (97% of employees)—the extent to which management promotes inclusive behavior, avoids discrimination, and is fair—and leadership behavior (94% of employees) aligning with our company’s strategy and values.

At Metro, we have consciously prioritised meaningful work and career development, providing a unique approach when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent while enhancing employee satisfaction and retention. After all, the employer brand is Metro’s reputation and image as an employer and the value we offer employees.

While flexible work arrangements have taken centre stage to enhance the employee experience across industries due to COVID-19, at Metro, we go beyond embracing flexibility. Our culture encourages purchasing leave, greater career mobility, and facilitating lateral transfers without obstacles. Strong management support and regular meetings connect employees to our company’s broader mission, fostering a profound sense of purpose. And, of course, who can resist a well-stocked snack cupboard!

‘Meaningful work’ is not just a buzzword. Our employees experience empowerment without encountering roadblocks to their career ambitions. The ‘no politics and no hidden agenda’ philosophy creates an agile environment where employees say they receive genuine support from both our management and colleagues. This creates an environment in which taking ownership, making valuable contributions, and exercising autonomy are the norm. In turn, a culture of recognition is evident across our brand’s social media platforms, where internal promotions are celebrated regularly.

In Metro, employees are not just contributors; they are the driving force. This approach is echoed widely in a recent Quarterly Employment Market Update from recruiters MillerLeith:“While other technical skills are necessary, soft skills help employees collaborate effectively, communicate clearly, and adapt to changing situations. Soft skills such as problem-solving, empathy, emotional intelligence, leadership, and teamwork are valuable assets for any organisation. They promote a positive work environment and help create strong relationships with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. Hiring for soft skills helps organisations build a more engaged and productive workforce, enhances the company’s reputation, and creates a culture of excellence”.

Employee feedback plays a pivotal role in shaping our unique employer brand. Employees feel “everyone’s voice is valued and heard,” they take charge of their careers, explore different paths, and align with their professional aspirations and desire to make a difference. This sets Metro apart as an employer of choice. Our company actively supports employee growth through engagement via onboarding and recognition programs, mentoring initiatives, wellbeing support, and training opportunities.

At Metro, our emphasis on career development is not solely about enhancing employee satisfaction; it is a strategic move that significantly contributes to the company’s overall growth. This alignment creates a dynamic and engaged workforce, enabling the company’s continued success in the ever-evolving financial services industry.

Our organisation is undeniably walking the talk, leading a cultural shift through our intentional actions and decisions. This holistic approach is at the core of our company’s strategic vision and unwavering commitment to our people. It is this shared journey towards success that Metro and we, the employees, are embarking on together.

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[1] The Employer Brand Data and Analysis survey was conducted by Metro Finance in November 2022. The survey utilised the following data sources: 1) Internal focus groups comprised of current staff, featuring a diverse cross-section of demographics including age, role, tenure, level, and gender; 2) Exit interview reports from the past 12 months.

[2] From the independent survey with ‘Great Place To Work’ undertaken in February 2023.


[4] From the independent survey with ‘Great Place To Work’ undertaken in February 2023, based on focus areas with benchmark.