Meet some of our amazing brokers who help shape the financial success at Metro: Anthony, Jason, Lewis, Treyena and Sam. As valued finance brokers, they are part of the driving force behind countless client success stories, united by a genuine desire to support others on their financial journey. From the motivations fueling their interest in finance to the challenges they have overcome, they provide invaluable guidance.

Being a finance broker is an adventurous journey filled with versatility. While a solid foundation in finance is essential, this field requires a diverse skill set and the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities.

What does a typical day or week look like in the role of a finance broker?

Jason Hjorring, broker at Adaptalift, structures his days with daily meetings, industry updates, and travel, while prioritising building long-lasting customer relationships. “I call at least five active customers per day to check in on their lives and business.”

Meanwhile, Lewis Higgins, partner at QPF Finance and Insurance divides his time between client interactions and application processing. “I break up the day, spending mornings and afternoons contacting clients and the middle of the day is usually spent putting applications together and gathering information for financiers.”

And for Treyena Prasad, broker at Loan, every day is unique. “No one of my days or weeks look the same, which is sometimes my favourite part about being a broker. I speak with my clients daily, whether for a quick progress update or a short text indicating when they can expect news.”

What were their key motivations for pursuing a career as a finance broker?

In an environment where ‘money makes the world go round’, a career in finance is enticing and ideal for a professional with the right skills and the right attitude.

Jason found his motivation in driving positive outcomes for customers and a passion for continuous learning. “Starting a finance brokerage from scratch involved building relationships, creating business processes, hiring staff, and developing plans. It has been challenging yet rewarding.”

At times, a career path is not always easily defined. For Anthony Fiorenza, General Manager at finance brokerage Natembo, a career in finance was not initially planned. Instead, it evolved a fulfilling pursuit of transforming dreams into reality. Treyena’s journey, too, came about both by chance and intent. She got into finance during the COVID years, transitioning from the automotive industry. This change allowed her to rediscover her passion for asset finance, fuelling a renewed enthusiasm for her career.

Creating successes, adapting to change, and overcoming challenges 

With the financial sector worth $360.6 billion, embarking on a finance career offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development, providing a stable and reliable career choice.

Anthony finds joy in helping clients achieve their goals, while Jason and Sam recount success in orchestrating complex deals. For Lewis, it is about helping clients overcome financial challenges. While Treyena is motivated by personal success stories, from settling on a sleek Ferrari for a client to orchestrating a last-minute wedding fund!

Sam Roby, broker at Pure Capital in Sydney, adds another layer to this dynamic profession with a memorable success story. A long-term client faced rejection from two banks for financing a concrete pump needed to fulfill a critical contract. Despite challenges as a new business without financials, Sam negotiated on his behalf, leveraging the strength of the new contract to secure the deal. Over four years, Sam has financed eight more pumps, along with cars and a boat.

Each success story adds a unique perspective, but all brokers acknowledge the challenges posed by industry shifts, including rate rises, policy changes, personal data, and technological advancements.

Finally, what are the valuable lessons and insights gained from being a finance broker?

A common theme emerges: Love what you do, both professionally and personally.

Treyena says a passion for learning is crucial: “Always be open to learning – finance is everchanging. Do certificates, attend workshops, and network. Hone in on your soft skills, effective communication and active listening are some of the best qualities you can have before beginning your journey in the industry. If you are a woman looking to join the industry, build strong relationships with other women in the industry and create a supportive network around you.”

Lewis emphasises opportunities everywhere. “For every transaction, there are usually two or three other opportunities within that deal.”  He also beams as a proud family-man who values balancing professional pursuits with precious moments in his personal life. Sam adds, “When you love what you do, the boundaries between work and life naturally blend.”